August 2016


Vapefest is out of t2016-08-10 20_13_04-Walnut Burl Block lace Carving Craft Art Knife Call Gunstock 14_ _ eBayhe way, so its time to press on with giving this website a facelift,  getting an online store up and running to supply stabilized blocks to other crafters and modders and crack on with the next 20 Kenzie mods.

I’m also working on a new mod design but I don’t have anything to show you all yet!

Wood wise, as usual I’ve been keeping my eagle eye open and my ear to the ground for quality timber to stabilize for my customers,  this month I’ve acquired some beautiful English Oak Burr and Claro Walnut Burr, as well as stocked up on spalted beech and I have a large slab of Alder Burr which is just about done seasoning now, so i’m interested to see how that behaves soon!


2016-08-10 20_14_58-Oak Burr - Fresh Sawn So You Need To Season Yourself! 40cm_30cm_max depth 12cm _