What is stabilized wood?IMG_1028

Stabilized wood is wood which has had all of it’s porosity saturated with acrylic resin to make it harder, more turnable / workable  and highly polishable. It also has the added bonus of being able to add dyes to the stabilizing resin to achieve some striking materials for craftspeople to work with.

It’s a fantastic material for making vaping mods, pens, knife handles, pistol grips, jewellery among other things.




IMG_1029How does CSM Stabilize wood?

I use the best quality burr and spalted timbers that I can source, dry it to 0% moisture content and then introduce stabilizing resin either clear or dyed under total vacuum until the block is 100% saturated before finally heat curing the resin in an oven to finalize the process.

I use only Cactus Juice stabilizing resin from Turntex woodworks and compatible dyes to achieve the best results that stabilizing can offer.

I also have pressure casting equipment to cast partial blocks into hybrid blanks using polyurethane casting resin either water clear or opaque.




What about the cracks and Voids in Burr wood?20150910_180728

Whilst more prominent in some species of wood and less so in others cracks and voids are part and parcel of burr wood they should be both anticipated and embraced as they are a major part of the intense figuring of these pieces.

Stabilizing resin only fills the microscopic porosity of the wood, it will not fill in large voids and cracks in a block, so these features are preserved throughout the process.  I generally leave these features alone for the final crafter to decide whether to keep them as features or fill them in themselves,  though I can of course fill them with casting resin if a customer so wishes.

The picture to the right shows a Kenzie mod made with English Elm burr wheres the cracks and voids have been filled with Blue casting resin.





If you still have questions about what stabilized wood is, what it can be used for, and what I can do for you, please make contact with me either via facebook or through the contact tab so that we can talk about it in more depth.